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One well placed thrust to the chest would go through that armor.

Not everyone plays this game or any fantasy game to see half naked ladies. I chose that one specifically because WoW is so ubiquitous, I thought an extreme example from a familiar company was a good starting point. Lesbian porn chat. Sexy girls in armor. Many female video game characters have specific directives and motivations that don't require them to be so scantily clad, and yet they are designed that way merely as an afterthought to get gamers' attention. Also think you missed an pointed observation with your Sauron pic and the male characters in the Tera group shot.

Any warrior in full plate is very slow… I can run around them in circles picking up rocks and wear them out to the point where they cannot stand. I would argue that the socks punctuate the nakedness, that the reminder of clothing throws into contrast the lack thereof. No way at all does it suppress and demean the female sex, even though, we have this women that force her fellow comrades to chop of one of their boobs to show that they are determined enough to never bow down for the male phallus.

To be honest it seems to me like the females that do wear bikinis in to battle are either overconfident, lack any kind of fear, or both. Elf woman warrior on a grey background Portrait of elf woman with bowl. Neither of these things are true. Bad santa nude scene. Its also why swords became sharp triangular shapes after the 14th century. However, it's not exclusively a female thing - I play DCUO, and the males also like to have their unique-looking characters.

What can be done? Maybe that's just me though. I work as a translator and that gives me enough money to spend on other things, I help with the school books import fee for an orphanage girls only, wow shocked eythat my friend opened in Fauresmith. So you're saying that platkini would protect you just as well as armor that covers you against a semi-truck sized weapon?

Problem solved, now you can love naked girls like a normal human being and your realism issues are satisfied. I argue that this: Everyone complains about how little armor some classes wear, but if you look at actual history… some of the most fearsome warriors wore next to nothing… but why?

I'm an artist, so I feel pretty strongly about crap art. Nov 23, 8. The Historical Problem My first choice when armoring women is to draw from history. Women have been traditionally restricted from fighting. In addition, even a gambezon with nicely tailored kidney belt can be quite flattering, and very practical when dealing with sneaky types. Last edited by AlexE; at In Catwoman's defense, she is not a soldier in the frontlines of a warzone, she is a thief.

They make as much sense as going into battle wearing clown shoes and a tube dress. Please review these pages now, as they apply to your continued use of our website.

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Then there is the one from Soul Calibur: You want to bring up enchantments. Puffy tits fuck. Stock FootageIllustrations. Portrait of sexy medieval female knight in armour over black background Woman warrior with sword.

There's a time and place and context is important, etc, etc. Anyways, you know something is wrong when half the female cast shows as much flesh and curves as the stripper NPCs.

I think they're going for a celtic warrior angle, the celtic warriors going into battle naked to show the enemy that they have no fear. How about people start using that fund money to really help these poor girls instead? You never even see her face and yet she is number 2 romance choice in the series. Sexy girls in armor. You rarely see people in movies stab as well. This was spot on.

I feel you on how ridiculous fantasy armors can be to swallow. Armor by Eldar Velikhanov cdnb. Army nude video. Arab-Israeli politics aside, you cannot tell me that this real-life Ashley is not sexy, combat gear and all However, if you really want to be a nitpicker most settings have issues with technology and magic.

I work as a translator and that gives me enough money to spend on other things, I help with the school books import fee for an orphanage girls only, wow shocked eythat my friend opened in Fauresmith.

After I was able to improve my own style in college I got requests for characters I had made. Red Sonja by Alexandre SalleS cdnb. If the hip armor is large enough it even makes sense as storage space, though more so in fantasy settings with pistols and potions and in scifi with grenades. Do you hate sexy armor on female characters? That was ninety-nine-nights 1's Inphy. Offcourse, the problem with that they are often drawn in sexual poses are something that still persists.

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More topics from this board Problem with a lot of WoW-likes, you get stuck at some point with an ugly armour set, thanks to stats. Samara is supposed to be a Justicar, a position of legal and martial authority.

Her attire is excellent in being lightweight, not bulky, and less likely to catch on something. Although in fantasy artwork I tend to favor the more naked kind of armor I found a nice picture that would fit this hole discussion: I'm being slealthy clang clang clang Though as bas as that is it doesn't match the cheesecake issue for armor that looks mor elike it was designed for gladiatorial combat then any actual battlefield.

She is a cat burglar hence the nickname and her equipment is so tight and compact that there is no chance of it catching on anything.

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